A Safe and Nourishing Space

This is literately what reconnecting.life is about. We believe that the solutions to the immense challenges, which mankind is facing on a large scale, are to be found right down to the individual level. We see that the major cause of our collective and personal problems is rooted in being disconnected from ourselves, our inter-connectedness and our true purpose in all aspects of life. Especially we see this to be true in business and work life. We see that the urgently needed solutions have to come from leaders with the very best intentions to work and serve for the benefit of the whole – personally, locally and globally.

However, we also see these very leaders being frustrated, caught up and trapped in a system, which have come to a deadlock unable to provide a safe an nourish space for individual solutions to flourish for the benefit of the whole.

So that is what reconnecting.life is about – A Safe & Nourishing Space in which leaders first of all will be able to reconnect to themselves and to life. From there new solutions and new ways of being in doing can take root and grow.

We cannot give the answers but we can provide a space and a setting in which better solutions can flourish from within and infuse a stagnated system with transformational energy for the benefit of the whole.

The Growing Conditions

To create the conditions of a Safe & Nourishing Space, it is rooted in the Nordic traditions of trust, transparency, reliability, free thinking, equality, inclusion, community, flexibility, ethics and moral.

It is nourish by a core set of beliefs and human values of being and interacting in the world – called The 11 Quantum Cues.

It is empowered by fundamental attitudes and ways of working to stabilize personal growth – called The 8 Codes of Conduct.

It is evolving around a continuous process of going through personal development phases in life – called The Wheel of Life.

It consists of four core and interrelated themes which are crucial to heal our way of life – called The 4 Connectors.

It is continuously calling upon the holarity of our primordial qualities of Power, Compassion and Wisdom.

It is conducted, guarded and guided by professional facilitators who are on their own personal journey of reconnecting to life from within.

It is all done in settings surrounded by nature, and finally it is made possible by a complete faith in our inherent nature of Basic Goodness.

reconnecting.life – Operating as a Social Business

Reconnecting.life is operating as a Social Economic Business.

A Social Business is a company 100% dedicated to solving a social problem in a financially self-sustainable way. It reinvests its profits to scale its impact.

A Social Business has by definition a clear vision to overcome social problems and a deeply rooted desire to create an impact within its community.

The focus of rconnecting.life is to heal and repair the root of social problems caused by ways of doing business for generations. We claim that most of the problems we are facing today are caused by a biased and ego driven focus on profit with the business world as the leading part.

We believe an altered state in our society and the world as such can be released by reconnecting to life, nourishing the holarity of our primordial human qualities of Power, Compassion and Wisdom and hereby find another way of being in the business world.

We see leaders having an essential role in making this come true. By that leaders will create holistic corporations utilizing their full capacity and their abilities to take the lead and responsibility for life as a whole.

reconnecting.life – A Fellowship

The problems we are facing have been created by a fragmented way of thinking; only through strong fellowship will the needed solutions be found.

Therefore we want reconnecting.life to unfold as a fellowship. We want to attract and connect business people with a shared aim to find a new way of being in the business world operating with less ego, and hereby create a living fellowship consisting of fellow travel companions supported by social companies.

We believe that only by operating as a global fellowship with local centers we will be able to find joined and sustainable ways of being in the business world.

We believe that the solutions will emerge and show themselves by business people operating together as a fellowship, sharing, caring and daring to transcend to another way of being in business.

We hope that you too will be part of this living fellowship.

The Story of reconnecting.life

As so often in life it was a difficult and for us even a tragic situation, which in the spring of 2014 gave us enough courage to follow our deeper calling of bringing more sanity, egolessness, wisdom and compassionate power to the business world.

A tense life situation of a mutual and close business client culminated in a work incident that triggered a total breakdown with the most tragic outcome. Luckily, not all troubled times of personal distress end this way. However, in working with leadership development for many years we have for a long time been concerned how way too many leaders seem to be increasingly frustrated. In spite of the best intentions, we see too many failed attempts of making sustainable, healthier and more long term based changes due to existing business structures and underlying habitual mindsets. Though no one really wants this situation, when you ask in private; power games, personal agendas and ego-driven ambitions at all management levels seem to be “just the way it is” in business, causing so much inefficiency and personal pain. Silos, fragmentation, masquerade, confusion, mindlessness, mistrust, caution, insecurity, avoidance and covering up are slowly poisoning the culture, though few really like to admit it – at least not in public. Many projects and development programs like e.g. Value Based Leadership end as slogans on the wall in the name of short term result and a biased focus on profit. We have heard so many leaders expressing how a feeling of hopelessness and loneliness is draining energy in their search for better ways of living in business. And when they try to bring it up it is often ignored or even ridiculed. We see many leaders in a situation, which is more about surviving than thriving. Further, and in the end, all this is also a major cause of much of the suffering we see in society and in the world as such, challenging life on earth, mankind and our very humanity to the limit. Thus, and in memory of our late business client, the idea of reconnecting.life was born in May 2014 with a wish to create a fellowship making healthier ways of being in the business world possible by reconnecting to life.


Reconnecting.life honours everyone who has supported as midwives giving birth to this fellowship. Reconnecting.life has come true due to these people’s wisdom power and compassion.


The People behind

“Unless you experience this journey personally, you cannot share it with anyone else.”

– Chögyam Trungpa; “Smile at Fear”

reconnecting.life is conducted, guarded and guided by professional facilitators who are on their own personal journey of reconnecting to life from within. Besides acting as the primary facilitators at our main center in Denmark, we invite co-facilitators with extensive life experience within personal development related to business and leadership in one way or the other.

Our own experience within business, leadership and consulting goes many years back, and we encourage you to look up our curriculums to know more about our professional background.

Devotion and total commitment to the purpose of reconnecting.life and the personal journey in itself is for sure our common denominator. Besides this we bring our individual experiences, qualities and abilities into the process.

Tina Monberg & Martin Wendelboe



Tina the leading facilitator of reconnecting.life. “Tina has an extraordinary ability to see the bigger picture, like an overall, coherent and entangled situation in a single snapshot, translating this into ordinary language. Her bright intelligence and profound spirituality brings forth a compassionate wisdom and power that embodies the very notion of trust. Her deep empathy is timely manifested with a patient directness allowing people to look deep into themselves in a safe and caring space.”

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Martin is co-creator of reconnecting.life. “When Martin has made up his mind about what is important in life, he doesn´t compromise but focuses 100% and doesn´t stop before he has succeeded and is in a safe harbor with everyone who has chosen to accompany him on their own personal journey. He knows that all good things need a gentle determination to succeed. Martin has found his life purpose, which is to serve business people to a higher understanding of who they are, what they do and why it is important to bring themselves, business and the world to thrive.”

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