& Straagaarden

Straagaarden is our place and the main center of, as we believe nature to be an important part of reconnecting to life.

Straagaarden is a living experiment with space for fun and a possibility to explore life.

Straagaarden is Denmark’s biggest Strawbale Farm situated in the beautiful nature in the North Zealand surrounded by fields only 35 minutes from the center of Copenhagen.

The farms walls consists of straw covered with clay. Its top is made of straw as a thatched roof. Its base consists of seashells from Jutland. Altogether, a 1.000 square meter farm build from nature’s own building materials.

Straagaarden´s heating comes from the earth. The wastewater is cleaned on the farm before giving it back to nature. Rainwater is captured in the lake and used for watering the herbal garden and the greenhouse.

Straagaarden is an ecological farm with a forest garden and a powerful medicine wheel and other sacred natural places to explore.

Straagaarden is based on 5 Living principles:

We co-create by giving and receiving
We share the same Earth
We therefore share the same common interest to live in unity
We understand that we are part of Nature
We know that respect for Nature is also respect for ourselves

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Bregneroedvej 8, DK-3250 Gilleleje


Tina Monberg: +45 2047 8228