Our Calling

Humanity is suffering and mankind is facing serious obstacles.

Down to the individual level people are struggling in so many ways.

It is hard to see a way forward.

At the core are governments, media and corporations.

We are all part of it, one way or the other.

You and me!

Economy drives the agenda of the world, and has business at the core.

The solution lies within the way we organize and do business.

In that way, leadership at all levels becomes essential to create our individual and common future.

Is there a way for us to live our purpose?
Is there another way of being in the business world?

Our Vision


We believe an altered state in the world can be released by reconnecting to life, nourishing the holarity of our primordial human qualities of Power, Compassion and Wisdom.

We see leaders having an essential role in making this come true.

By that leaders will create holistic corporations utilizing their full capacity and their abilities to take the lead and responsibility for life as a whole.

Our Mission


We believe the key to this shift lies in leaders being present and self-confident in every moment – conscious of everything they do as individuals.

To obtain this, reconnecting.life offers a safe and nourishing space for leaders to flourish for the benefit and well-being of the whole.

We will facilitate a fellowship of reconnecting leaders to life.

We call them Warriors in The World with a License to Life.