The Five Connectors

Taking A Warrior’s Journey addresses five main areas of reconnecting to life going through all 3 turns of The Wheel of Life:

1) Business & Genuine Leadership

Business has long been disconnected from Genuine Leadership.

The essential nature and core purpose of leadership is simply to serve a higher purpose for the benefit of others and the whole.

Genuine Leadership is about serving the tribe (organization, corporation, society) to nourish and sustain living conditions by which the people can flourish and grow in a synchronized balance with nature, for the benefit of themselves, the community and their generations to come.

The wheels of reconnecting to Genuine Leadership are:

  • Personal Leader, regenerating your natural power and self-confidence, discovering your core life purpose, releasing joy and creativity.
  • Servant Leader, opening and unfolding your inherent compassion for the benefit of others, the whole and a higher purpose.
  • Transforming Leader, unleashing your primordial wisdom composing, facilitating and transmuting systems of energy and their interactions.

2) Man & Nature

Man has long been disconnected from Nature.

The consumer agenda and a culture of instant reply have disconnected us from our being, from the wisdom of nature and by that our inherent wisdom.

Just like wisdom has become knowledge, nature has become something external, something apart from us that we study. Something we need to fix and control.

It is absolutely crucial for man to reconnect to nature and to reorganize from the wisdom within.

This is not “going back to nature” but being part of nature – to live our lives and do business in synchronicity with nature

3) Science & Spirituality

Science has long been disconnected from Spirituality.

Quantum Science has shown that all is entangled. Every intention has an impact on our surroundings and just as much impact on ourselves.

The most transcending news is that consciousness causes matter. This makes us the creator of all that we experience, and duality an illusion misguiding our choices.

These beliefs go hand in hand with the wisdom of ancient philosophies and sciences of the mind – what we call spirituality.

In we think of spirituality as making the inward journey it takes to experience that we are all the creators of our ego and reality. Eventually we will experience the consequences of our convictions; a narrow minded belief in the ego or a belief in a deeper reality of oneness.

4) Living & Life

Our way of Living has long been disconnected from Life.

The good news is, that in order to make the urgent changes in business and leadership we don’t have to fight inner demons fostered by a medieval belief in “survival of the fittest”.

We simply reveal, discover and reconnect to Life, and the deeper reality – to our inborn, primordial and Basic Goodness, which is not the same as good versus bad or evil.

Nature and Life itself is a manifestation of Basic Goodness. Even the most unthinkable action is an expression of suffering – the suffering and pain of being disconnected from Basic Goodness – LIFE.

By reconnecting our way of living with our Basic Goodness and our life purpose, our deluded minds will gradually make the required change for us to live with clarity, dignity and resilience.

5) Making & Magic

Making has become disconnected from Magic.

An incomparable uniqueness about man is his creative ability and capacity of creating and bringing into form. This ability has given man a seemingly superior position compared to all other living spices. However, and especially in the wake of the industrial and technological age, it is very obvious that this capacity combined with Ego(mania) has brought more suffering, more self-deception and superficial satisfaction than deeper human harmony, happiness and overall sustainability on planet earth.

Now, imagine for just a minute what we are capable of doing when our creative uniqueness is expressed with dignity, compassion and clarity…

Imagine what this could bring to all the stuff we are producing…

Imagine what that would do to mankind, our world and the planet…

Is it possible …?